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Missed Prep Periods and Substitute Coverage

December 15, 2014

Linda Hanson made the rounds of all of the elementary schools just over a week ago to xerox the "Missed Prep Period" entries in the binder or notebook located in the central office of each building. She found a wide range of amounts of missed prep times and reasons for missed prep periods across the seven elementary schools. She then took this information to Rob Spiegel and Laura Chesson so that the AEA can continue to whittle away at the obstacles to teachers getting their daily, duty free prep period.

Here are the conclusions from this round of data gathering:

1) There has been a marked improvement in MOST schools around teachers missing prep periods due to the lack of a specialist sub. All specialists must remember to put in that they need a sub in AESOP when they are going to be absent. Also, the sooner specialists put in for a sub when they know they need to be out, the better.

2) The next, most frequent reason for missing a prep period is IEP meetings. Laura has asked principals to meet with the Team Chairs in their buildings to try to eliminate these scheduling conflicts, and to ensure that teachers have coverage so that they can make up that time when an overlap does occur.

3) Same thing for data meetings - principals and teachers should work together to ensure that these meetings are scheduled in a way that does not conflict with prep periods, or that teachers get their duty free prep periods at another time in the day when conflicts cannot be avoided.

Your building reps will be following up with more information about the importance of documentation of any and all missed prep periods. If these missed preps are not documented in the central office binder, it is like they don't exist. We cannot take information stored in your classroom to the administration to work on solutions. We will plan to undertake another round of data collection in early February.

November 17, 2014

Teachers should be aware at this point that we are targeting missed prep periods at the PK and Elementary level due to lack of sub coverage for specialists. What we really need is data.

Every elementary building (and MPS) should have a 3 ring binder in the school office where teachers log missed prep periods. Keeping this information in one central location will help the building reps collect the necessary data on a monthly basis. You can keep a copy of the Missed Prep Sheet in your room for your own records, but the official record should be kept in the binder in the office. Please talk to your building rep. if your school does not have a binder in the office.

We are also targeting ensuring that all teachers that work in the substantially separate programs get their duty free lunch and prep periods at all levels. Please continue to log this information and get it to your building rep. on a monthly basis.












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