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Electronic Communication Guidelines

March 23, 2014

  • Use school e-mail for professional purposes only, including communication with students and parents.
  • Use home e-mail for everything else, including communicating about personnel matters, association business, or political views.
  • You are now a public figure - only post what you would want your grandmother or superintendent to read (Facebook,Twitter, etc..)
  • If you plan to set up a student group, create a new profile and keep it businesslike (athletic teams and school clubs)
  • All communications from personal devices that use the district wi-fi network technically pass through the district server, so should not be used for anything other than school business.
  • Use 3G or 4G to circumvent the district server.
  • Your right to privacy in personal communications as a public school teacher is still not settled legally, so if you are wondering whether or not you should post something - don't!
  • Like it or not, you are a role model!










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